Dear Parents

Playing a musical instrument builds confidence, discipline, and a sharp mind. In the band your child will participate in concerts, parades, and other musical events. No experience is needed to join beginning band. To enroll your child, please turn in the form below with your payment to the school office. In beginning band, I strongly recommend renting an instrument from one of the stores listed below. Please email me (Bill McClanahan) at if you have questions.


Band tuition, including a T-shirt and all music, costs $390 per student per year, payable in full in September or half ($195) in September and half ($195) in January. Please contact me if you would like to break your tuition into smaller payments. Make your check payable to the school and write your child’s name and “band tuition” on the memo line. Tuition refunds may be given only in case of financial hardship.

Choosing an Instrument

Students start on one of the following instruments:

  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Alto saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone

Students interested in drums should choose a different instrument for the first year and switch to drums in intermediate band.

Band Schedule

Band meets on Fridays:

  • Beginning: 2:45-3:25
  • Intermediate: 3:30-4:10
  • Advanced: 4:10-4:50
Instrument Rentals

Bronstein Music in South San Francisco (650) 588-2502
Union Music in San Francisco (415) 775-6043
Hornucopia in San Carlos (650) 593-3050

Band Enrollment Form