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Service Program

The St. Catherine of Siena Service Program is designed to embrace the philosophy of our patron Saint Catherine of Siena, who believed in the need to humbly serve others and God. As Christians, we can reach out in special ways to help those around us. Established to enable students to become contributing members of society, our service program above all else, affords students the opportunity to reflect on the principles of Christ in their daily lives. 6th-8th Grade students are required to complete service hours each year. They partake in both in-school service hours and outside-of-school hours, and then complete a culminating project based on their experiences.

This program has been designed to achieve the following goals:

  • To offer each student the opportunity to reflect on the teachings of Jesus Christ in relation to serving others.
  • To foster awareness of the needs of others, coupled with the opportunity to make a difference in our community.
  • To help students reflect on their own volunteer work and how it affects their lives and relates to concepts learned in religion classes.
  • To underscore to the parents and students the importance that St. Catherine of Siena School places on service to those who are in some way disadvantaged.