Women's Club

Our Mission

The mission of the St. Catherine of Siena Women's Club is to bring together the women of the parish and school in a spiritual setting for social and personal enrichment and to organize fundraising events which aim to benefit the parish, school and its community as a whole.


The Women's Club typically meets at second Tuesday of the month at 6:30PM in The Siena Room (2nd Floor in Gymnasium) to plan school events and socialize. All school/parish women are invited to attend.

Meeting Dates

WC Officers

Title Name
Co-Presidents Susan Caccia & Jennifer Devlin
Co-Vice- President MaryAnne Ernst, Veronica Fellows & Scarlett O’Leary
Co-Treasurers Reiko Evangelista & Vivien Yamamoto
Co-Secretary Elizabeth Carner & Carol Meehan
Correspondence Secretary Tes Escarpe
Volunteer Coordinator Catherine Dalmas

For more information....: President Amy Barney at stcatsamy@gmail.com