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World Languages

Students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade participate in Spanish or Italian class. K-8 classes have language every day and each class follows a curriculum of oral and written activities that are grade level appropriate to increase vocabulary, practice conversation, reading and writing, master grammar, and, ultimately, emerge into a second language.


The Spanish language and culture is presented to K-8th grade through:

  • oral exercises for pronunciation improvement
  • fluency checks
  • weekly homework assignments
  • weekly quizzes to keep them within the language mindset regularly
  • workbooks for spelling & grammar
  • videos about the traditions & festivities
  • group projects on geography, celebrities, Latin influencers, etc...

Our Spanish teacher’s goal for your students is to have them fluent in the basics of the language to be able to travel to any Latin country and attempt in communicating or translating while there. All the teacher's effort goes into focusing on useful vocabulary, phrases, and cultural awareness to provide an enriching experience to use for the future.


The Italian language and culture is presented to the Kindergarten through 8th grade through: colorful posters, various books, videos, traditional prayers, songs, "filastocche" (rhymes), and proverbs. Italian food is often prepared, described and enjoyed. Group projects on Italian regions, sights, celebrities, "calcio" (sports), and unique Italian art forms are often researched and studied. Children in the program actively participate in Italian holiday celebrations including Santa Lucia, Natale, La Befana, Carnevale, Festa della Donna, San Giuseppe, and Pasqua. According to grade level, the children are presented with Italian vocabulary and grammar rules, enabling them to have simple conversations in Italian. Our goal is to inspire students to travel to Italy, continue their studies of Italian and its rich history and culture.