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Shop with scrip / Gift cards through the school office

Families can order gift cards from the school office as an additional way to help meet their scrip requirement. All gift card purchases will count toward your scrip requirement. You can pick up an order form from the school office or download one from the school website,

If you prefer to place your gift card order online, your order automatically goes to the school office. After placing an online order, please print out your order and send it in with your payment to the school office. Cash or checks are acceptable payment options. Make your check payable to St. Catherine of Siena School. Once your order is released by the Scrip Coordinator, your order will be arrive in the office within two business days. Orders are placed one to two times per month. Notice of order dates can be found in Wednesday Newsletter under Script News.

The Shopwithscrip website will walk you through the ordering process.

Go to

E-Scrip Info and scrip information for new families: 2024-2025. All families are required and highly encouraged to register/enroll in thee-scrip program on Thank you to the new families who have already registered with e-scrip. The new Scrip year will begin on April 1 so all your purchases beginning then will count toward the next school year. It will take approximately 2 months fore-scrip to post your purchases. RaiseRight as does Shop With Scrip.

Once you are registered your grocery card, debit card and credit cards---every time you shop at a participating merchant, a percentage automatically goes to the school. E-Scrip keeps track of all your purchases and send the school a report every other month. You can also track your own purchases on the e-scrip site.

Participating merchants, give a percentage of your purchases back to the school The requirement for each family is $2,000 in purchases. With 100% participation of our families registered with e-Scrip, Benefit, and Shop with Scrip contributions can exceed $10,000. If for some reason your family does not frequent any of the participating e-scrip merchants for their grocery needs, there are other ways to meet your Scrip requirement:

Office Gift Cards: Gift cards, i.e., Arco, Shell, Chevron, Walgreens and CVS , Macys, Safeway, Target, Starbucks, Peet's Coffee, American Express, Visa, Dennis Uniform, plus a large array of other cards as well. (See list). Every gift card purchase counts towards your requirement. Of course, some cards have a give a larger percentage back--while others give a very small percentage. All in all, 100% participation of every family helps our school.

Amazon Smile is also a large contributor to our school. By purchasing an Amazon gift card on Benefit, or from the school office and using Amazon Smile the school is benefiting twice.

Also....please feel free to encourage other extended family, and friends to enroll too. Let me know their name and we will connect their purchases with your family and you can get credit for their purchases too.

The funds from e-Scrip/Scrip help defray the many expenses of operating a nonprofit Roman Catholic School.

If, you should have any questions, please feel free to contact Robin O'Leary ( or 650-344-7176)

St. Catherine Scrip Coordinator

Follow easy directions to enroll under St. Catherine of Siena school

Register with E-scrip using enrollment code: 136952490

This can be found on the quick links tab, also.

Register with Raise Right: 81L564FA4697  

Raise Right Mobile App